About Scienceroom.org


What we do

Scienceroom.org provides informative and educational content and the right visual representations for exploring science. You can rely on our science dictionary to provide you with the most current information about a significant storm and assistance with quadratic equations or ideas for the upcoming science fair. We are the people to contact if you need science information for the students. Our website provides explaining terms, step-by-step solutions to questions, current news, entertaining ideas for science projects, and more. Our science dictionary covers all the basic subjects of science. 

Who we serve

Students: Our goal is to assist students who need help understanding a science term or seek more information. Our aim is also to mentor youth and encourage them to seek new and innovative methods and technologies to enhance their understanding and learning of the sciences.

Pro-active: Our readers actively search for scientific answers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about a rare spider or how the latest hurricane is linked to climate change; the science dictionary has everything you need. 

Interested in specific scientific information: Science dictionary readers seek specific scientific information, such as ideas for science projects or answers to math or physics questions. 

Mission and values 

Our mission is to transform learning worldwide through inquiry-based experiences. It is our vision for a world in which people can think for themselves, ask questions, and question answers with confidence. Our values include lifelong learning and teaching, curiosity and inquiry, community, evidence and iteration, integrity and authenticity, sustainability, and inclusion and respect.

Our goal is to improve the understanding and gathering of knowledge about science for young people and the scientific community. The members aim to revolutionize the teaching, understanding, and awareness of the vital role of science.

Our objectives 

  • Developing knowledge, making free education available, and disseminating it
  • Simple and complex terms of basic science subjects are easily accessible.
  • Provide accurate information to science enthusiasts
  • Creating an environment where science community members can exchange knowledge and expertise freely.
  • To develop the creativity, invention, and innovative results in science, technology, and innovation of the younger generation, particularly students, through a complete science dictionary.
  • Providing opportunities to challenge and develop youth as leaders.
  • Our goal is to work on scientific, technological, and innovation-related projects that will contribute to the development of these fields. We pursue new ideas and challenges with boldness. We aim to inspire purpose, spark imagination, and encourage hope by experimenting and learning from our failures.