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Who are the victims

As the drug companies flourish, animals are being needlessly slaughtered and humans are dying from the side effects of the drugs that are proven to work on animals. Drugs in the experimental stage do not produce profits, so the quicker a drug is produced, regardless of inaccuracies that could be found over the long term, the happier the drug companies are along with their share holders. The court cases that could follow are taken into account but negligence is very difficult to prove when a drug is produced as a result of testing on animals.

So the animals are to blame and humans continue to die from the unforeseen side effects. How much longer are we to witness the deaths of humans after being prescribed drugs that have no adverse effects on monkeys? Where is the justification in allowing an expectant mother to be prescribed a drug that is known to cause birth defects yet is “safe” after being tested on pregnant monkeys? Or the arthritis medication that was also tested on monkeys and had no adverse effects but was proven to cause the death of a number of humans.

In 1998 it was found in theUSAthat more than 100,000 deaths a year were attributed to medication being prescribed that was proven to be safe for animals. Similar research carried out in theUKestimated that as many as 70,000 people were affected by the drugs that were proven to be safe for animals; these effects ranged from severe disability to death.

Although opposition to this type of research is growing the response is not imminently forthcoming. This being the case, animals must continue to be needlessly sacrificed and humans must continue to suffer the damaging side effects that are often the result of this type of research until somebody makes a decision. In the meantime the drug companies’ shareholders become richer and many average people will continue to die as a result of this unreliable research.

With the progress of modern technology becoming increasingly available, there is no reason for this. Let those in power move into the twenty first century and accept the progress that has been made and act upon it. It is not until then, that the lives of many animals will be spared and humans will not have to gamble with the medications that they are prescribed.

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