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Public Perceptions of Science

Science and the effect on the Average Person

Generally speaking, science holds no interest for the average person until they are confronted with some kind of serious illness. When this occurs, it is the end of the world for the victim and their family and the medical facilities are taken for granted. If miracles are not performed then hospitals are threatened with legal action and the compensation culture that has surfaced in modern times is put to the test.

Often there are no miracle cures and a very high percentage of illnesses are self inflicted. However, nobody can hide from the fact that over the past decade monumental advances have been accomplished in the field of medical research. The result of this research is that many of the diseases and illnesses that were proven to be incurable in the past have become curable if detected early enough.

All of this has emanated through the tireless efforts of the scientists responsible for this advancement. This being the case there is one area that remains contentious and, until it is eliminated altogether, will remain so. This is the scientific testing on animals, the progress that has resulted was at the expense of a great number of animals and in this age of technology it has been proven that animal testing is far from conclusive and a great number of errors have happened that were proven to be preventable.

It is time to eliminate testing on animals completely and take advantage of the great advances that have taken place in the field of technology. A great number of humans have paid the ultimate price as a result of tests previously being carried out on animals. Tests have proven that what might work on a monkey could actually kill a human. Diseases that have been cured in rats and mice remained incurable in human beings for a great number of years.

Now with the great strides having been achieved in medical science the computer has become part of the laboratory. Medication has advanced considerably almost eliminating the side effects that for some people have been worse than the disease that it is meant to cure. For a number of years, side effects were an accepted part of the various forms of medication and many patients have been convinced that this is the price that they have to pay. Now side effects can be detected and responded to before a particular drug is administered.

So why do experiments on animals continue? Is it because in some areas progress is frowned upon or is it a financial issue? The space that could be generated without the need for housing these animals could be better used. It is no secret that technology is costly but what price can be put on the life of a poor unsuspecting animal. We all need to move into the twenty first century and accept that nobody can stand in the way of progress and that animals are entitled to a quality of life just as much as humans.

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