Prevention or Cure –

Prevention or Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure

Because of the claim culture that mars many of the health services throughout the modern world, science has to take into account the side effects that accompany most forms of medication. But controlling these side effects can not be done by experimenting on animals. Modern technology has found a way to minimise these effects but still animal experimentation continues. In the past, many animals have made the ultimate sacrifice only for scientists to find out that what “cured” an animal, resulted in taking the life of a human being.

In the worlds more developed countries, people are becoming more aware and better educated. The quest for material gain has taken over and people are losing sight of what really matters. Instead of taking care of their bodies the fast food culture has taken over and nobody has time to cook a proper meal. Processed foods are the order of the day packed with unnecessary additives, salt and fat. The result of this is an over weight generation that suffers from heart disease and diabetes.

As the weight of the average person increases rapidly instead of taking control, people are looking for someone to blame. As this problem escalates more animals are sacrificed in the name of science but it is not a cure that is the answer, it is the change in lifestyle for many people. Today it is not unusual to hear of people weighing in excess of forty stone, how can anybody allow themselves to get to that weight and not do anything about it?

Great strides have been made in reducing the number of people that are affected by heart disease. All it takes is for a person to have their blood pressure checked on a regular basis. Not a difficult thing to do but still people refuse to see their doctor until it is too late and when they are told what they do not want to hear, the response is to blame their doctor.

Let us all begin to respect the bodies that we have been blessed with and take some pressure off of the many medical professionals that work tirelessly to help us all. Also we must never forget the great number of animals that are sacrificed on a regular basis as science tries to find a cure for the many diseases and illnesses that are preventable as a significant percentage of the population continue to gamble on a regular basis with their health.

Let technology take over when searching for a cure for the many forms of cancer and heart disease. It is more reliable and conclusive than animal experimentation and let us all take control of our lives and ensure that medication is not required just a healthy balanced diet with regular gentle exercise.

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