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More Humane Humans

The More Humane Ways to Carry out Tests on Animals

Many people are aware of the cruel way that animals are treated in the name of medical science. This type of testing has continued for many years and the results due to the inconsistencies have cost the lives of many animals as well as humans. What can cure a monkey of a particular disease does not necessarily cure a human being. This has been proven many times but still this type of research continues.

But what is becoming more apparent is the intelligence that many animals possess. Tests that have been carried out over recent years have proven that the likes of goats and monkeys are much more intelligent than it was ever thought possible. Surely this knowledge could be harnessed in the name of science rather than inflicting deadly diseases on these poor unsuspecting creatures.

Many experts in the field of medical science have long been aware of the uncertainties surrounding the testing of medicines on animals but still this practice continues. The side effects that people suffer after taking some of these medications are often worse than the illness that they are supposed to cure. Modern technology has found a way of overcoming a great number of these effects but still this type of testing prevails.

There might not be a way to eliminate all unpleasant side effects to some medications but there must be a way of accepting the advancements in technology and halting experiments on animal species altogether. The general public will never know to what extent these type of experiments are carried out. Is this because the results are sometimes too horrific to witness?

By taking advantage of the brain power that many of these animals possess even if they are put to work, the outcome is far more humane than that of a poor unsuspecting creature waiting to be injected with a solution that could end their lives. We will never know how many animals have died prematurely without benefiting humanity at all but by acting now the lives of many animals could be saved.

Taking advantage of the intelligence of animals is not a new concept. Partially sighted people have long had the advantage of the use of guide dogs and without these loyal trusted creatures the quality of life of many of the blind today would be greatly reduced. Just imagine how difficult a farmers job would be if dogs were not used to herd their sheep, just watching these animals rounding up a flock of sheep is a wonderful sight. How many scientists can say this about their work with animals in the laboratory?

Put into context, if a dog is used for experimental purposes, is a blind person being deprived of a life line and contact with the outside world? There is no doubt that the life of a partially sighted person would improve but would a human be cured of a terminal illness as a result of an experiment on a dog?

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