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How Safe are the Drugs that are Marketed as a result of Animal Testing

The number of health care professionals that are opposed to experiments involving animals is increasing rapidly as they are being made more aware of the unreliability of such methods. The growing list of human victims is making it undeniably apparent that any type of animal would respond differently to a human being when a particular drug is administered. We have to look no further than the Thalidomide tragedy for living proof. This drug was marketed as a sedative for pregnant women in the 1960s and 70s. The company that produced this drug did so after performing tests successfully on thousands of animals but the results speak for themselves.

As if this is not living proof of the unreliability of such experiments, more than forty years later, some experts still believe that there is a place in medical science for testing on animals. If further proof is needed research carried out in theUSAconfirmed that side effects of many types of medication are responsible for the deaths of about 100,000 people every year. This is apart from more than two million patients that require hospital treatment. So it is hardly surprising that many people will not visit a doctor unless their lives depend on it.

Many modern health conditions can be controlled if a person visits their doctor on a regular basis if a person is not afraid of being affected by a drug that has cured a monkey of an illness. No two humans are the same and the responses to a particular medication can vary, so how are we supposed to accept that a drug which has been successfully tested on animals can cure a human in a similar manner?

There are a growing number of alternatives available that do not require the use of animals but take advantage of modern technology and methods. Not only are they being used to try to find cures for a number of the diseases that affect humans but the issue of side effects is also being addressed with a certain amount of success. Technology is playing a part in making medication more bespoke and if this success continues confidence will grow and the public will feel more at ease when drugs are prescribed. This, in turn, will ensure that minor issues will be controlled such as blood pressure tests. The more people that have their blood pressure checked on a regular basis will ensure that many heart and stroke problems can be averted.

The only way to make prescription drugs more reliable is by taking advantage of modern methods and stopping experiments on animals altogether. Not only will this ensure that all animals are treated in a humane manner but the side effects that many patients suffer from can be greatly reduced therefore allowing a doctor to treat an illness and not the side effects too.

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