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Cure for Cancer?

The quest to find a cure for Cancer – used

There are not many families in the worlds developed countries that have avoided being affected by cancer in some way or other. For many years scientists have strived to find a cure for this disease in its many forms. To date, some cures have been discovered if the disease is detected in its early stages but in many cases the word “cured” is replaced with the statement “in remission”. This scepticism has been brought about because in the past sufferers have responded positively to the treatment administered, only for the disease to manifest itself in another part of the body.

The quest to find a cure for this terrible medical condition has continued for numerous years and many of the experiments have involved the use of animals. However, this type of research has proven to be unreliable and, in some cases, animals have been “cured” of the disease but humans still continue to suffer from it. This being the case, the question needs to be asked as to why in some quarters, animal experiments still continue.

The age of technology has made many lives considerably easier and this technology has played a significant role in the advancement of medical research. So with this in mind, why are animals still being sacrificed in the name of science when so many experiments have proven to be inadequate or inconclusive? Do scientists continue to experiment on animals because it is a cheaper option?

We owe it to the sufferers of this terrible disease to provide the best treatment and the benefit of the most up to date research. Failure to do this ensures that victims are treated no better than the many animals that are sacrificed on a regular basis in the hope that a breakthrough will be forthcoming.

Although a substantial degree of progress has been made in the field of medical research, experimenting on animals is nothing less than barbaric. The general public will never know what is exactly involved and what takes place behind the doors of a great number of laboratories but if an average person mistreated any type of animal, he would be prosecuted with the likelihood of serving a prison sentence. Clearly, this type of research should cease and the great number of alternatives that are available should be put into practice.

So let us all be proud of the progress that has been achieved in medical science and when the word cancer is spoken it is not met with dread or fear but with pride. Let the fact that another fatal illness has become curable at the hands of the scientists and technology is the reason, not some poor unsuspecting creature who is unaware of what fate awaits them.

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