Research on Animals has to Stop |

Research on Animals has to Stop

The time has come for governing powers behind the experiments on animals to say enough is enough. The cost has become so great in financial terms and in the care and well being of the animals in question, that the many alternatives available should be used to their full extent. It has long been common knowledge in the field of medical science that tests performed on animals do not produce accurate results. This being the case, then why do these experiments continue?

It has been proven beyond doubt that penicillin has been responsible for saving many human lives but is also responsible for the deaths of countless guinea pigs and cats. Digitalis raises the blood pressure of dogs to alarming levels but continues to lower the heart rate of many humans suffering from various heart complaints. The ultimate in sedatives is morphine and this drug provides the much needed comfort to humans that are experiencing unbearable pain. However, this drug acts as a stimulant when given to horses, cats and goats.

These findings are not a secret and these and many more results are available for us all to see, so why do the people in authority not accept this and respond in the most humane way. As the worlds developed countries experience financial difficulties, surely it is more cost effective to take advantage of the great advances in technology. Continuing to experiment on animals and then, in turn, have to deal with the results that are often misleading, to say the least, is a waste of time and resources. Modern technology is available for us all and the results are proven to be much more positive.

Great strides have been made over recent years in the field of stem cell research and the progress in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and blindness can be attributed to this form of research. Furthermore, technology has enabled scientists to overcome many of the side effects that can affect a patient while taking prescription drugs. We have to look no further than the Thalidomide tragedy that blighted the lives of many young families in the 1960s and 70s. This drug was produced as a result of many hours of safety tests on animals. When produced it was claimed that it was a sedative for expectant mothers but the result of this drug was more than 10,000 children being born severely deformed.

How much more evidence is needed before this cruel practice is outlawed by the medical profession. There may have been some positive results in the past but surely gambling with the lives of humans, at the expense of the lives of many animals, should be banned completely.

We are now in the 21st century and have some of the worlds most accomplished scientists working to improve human longevity so the lives of animals should also be considered. The resources that are available today should be taken advantage of and used to their full extent.

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