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Animal Cruelty is not a crime

Over recent years more laws have been put in place to prevent animals being cruelly treated. People charged with offences relating to this often find themselves prosecuted as well as gaining a criminal record. In some quarters it is thought that the punishments are not severe enough but it is a step in the right direction and many people are taking notice of these amended laws.

No animal deserves to be mistreated but when it comes to medical science the rules seem to be overlooked. Not many people are aware of what actually takes place behind the closed doors of a laboratory and because of this, the laboratories make up their own rules. No animal should be sacrificed in the name of science when there are a great number of more reliable alternatives available.

Computer models of a number of human organs have undergone experimentation and the results are increasingly favourable. Not only does this type of research aid in helping to find a cure for a great number of illnesses but by replaying procedures in slow motion a great number of questions are answered regarding the side effects that can be experienced with the many types of medication.

This is just one type of research that has been proven to be more reliable than that undertaken on animals. But there are a number of other alternatives that do not require the use of live animals. Another example is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is used in research into illnesses that affect the brain such as epilepsy and migraine. This is a very cost effective type of research which has proven to be perfectly safe.

Many of the side effects that affect people who are on medication can be attributed to the results of testing a drug on animals. Some drugs have been proven to cure a cancer in a number of animals but have met with less success in the treatment of humans. Since some humans have responded favourably to certain drugs that were known to kill animals, how can this type of unreliable research continue?

A great number of catastrophes have resulted in the quest to find a cure for cancer and heart disease. For instance, with drugs which are effective on monkeys but have proven to be fatal when administered to humans. This has been brought about in research carried out while attempting to find a cure for heart failure and arthritis. How can it be justified when the lives of many animals are sacrificed in experiments that are proven to be unreliable? What can have an affect on a monkey does not necessarily work on a human as a great number of families have unfortunately found out.

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