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21st Century Illness

The medical profession is fighting an ongoing battle against illnesses that are, in many cases, self inflicted. To combat the modern diseases, experimentation with animals has, in the past, been the only alternative. As obesity reaches epidemic proportions in the worlds developed countries along with it comes the associated illnesses many of which, if left untreated, can become fatal. But why should animals have to suffer for the over indulgence of humans?
Job Vacancies

When considering job vacancies and employment in research how far would you ethics be considered when considering a job? If you were for example to not wish to conduct animal experiments – what if they were taking place in the same lab – even if you were to have no involvement in them? How about the same building, the same company – an interesting ethical question for you to consider.

Heart disease has claimed the lives of many and the statistics prove to be an embarrassment that has reached government level in a number of countries. Research in this area has progressed rapidly with the use of animals without which progress would have been slower. However, why should these poor creatures have to pay the ultimate price when humans cannot respect the bodies that they have been blessed with?

Many forms of heart disease and strokes are brought about by hypertension which is high blood pressure. In the western world, as many as a quarter of the population has this complaint and among the sufferers up to one third are unaware that they have this condition. As society becomes lazier by opting for convenience foods and an inactive lifestyle, then this is when the problems begin.

Metabolism Matters

For the scientists, the pressure becomes greater in their quest to overcome this problem and as the testing on animals continues, alternatives for this type of research can become extremely difficult to follow up. While human beings are abusing themselves, the animals are being sacrificed.

As the humans become fatter they often blame their doctor and when anything does go wrong there is always a solicitor at hand to exploit the medical profession and make a bigger hole in their hard pressed budgets.

With all of this in mind, the overall victim in this scenario is the animal who does not have a choice. It is simply kept in a cage until it is required and, when the need arises, it is removed from its cage but never returned.

This has reached an unacceptable stage although there are a number of alternatives that must be taken advantage of. Despite the fact that progress has been made in this area, it is taking time to put into practice and, the longer it takes, the more animals have to be sacrificed. It will be some time before testing on animals finally ceases but a drastic reduction in these types of experiments, must be the aim of scientists and the medical profession, in general.

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