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In modern society, acts of barbarism inflicted on humans always make the news headlines but acts of cruelty towards animals are very often overlooked. Such callous acts are carried out on a daily basis in the name of medical research although it has repeatedly been proven that such experiments can be inconsistent and inaccurate and alternatives can be more reliable. This being the case, why in our quest to ease the pain of sufferers of many diseases and illnesses, do we continue to inflict unreasonable pain on animals?

Extensive studies have proven that experiments on animals can be misleading and in many cases fail to make significant advances in the fight against diseases such as cancer. It has also been proven that the alternatives that are readily available to scientists can be more cost effective thus enabling stretched budgets to become more productive.

A good deal of progress has been made over recent years in the treatment of heart disease and cancer and like a great number of diseases and illnesses if they are detected in their early stages, there is a greater chance of success. With this in mind more emphasis must be put on prevention rather than the cure; regular testing programmes have been put in place and the need for regular exercise and a healthy diet is constantly promoted. However, a person cannot be made to go to the gym or reduce their fat and salt intake.

Obesity has become an epidemic and it is not unusual to hear of people being thirty or forty stone. Carrying this much weight around can trigger any number of illnesses that over a period of time, could prove fatal.

So, why is it that due to the lack of respect for the human body that has been adopted by many members of modern society, do so many poor unsuspecting animals have to suffer? In many cases the animal kingdom has been repeatedly let down by mankind. We express horror when an ill-treated animal appears in the news headlines but do nothing about the treatment that many animals receive on a regular basis in laboratories throughout the world.

The drugs that are produced, as a result of the tests on animals, sometimes lead to the cure of an ailment, but with most medication there are side effects and these symptoms can affect individuals in many different ways. In some cases, these side effects can be worse than the illness itself but cannot be detected until a course of treatment is under way.

There is only one way to counter heart disease and cancer and that is to respect the body that you have been blessed with and, in turn, reduce the number of animals that have to be sacrificed. Common sense and consideration not only prolong the life of a human but also ensures that an animal does not have to be sacrificed in an attempt to cure a self inflicted illness.
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